Prototype Lab

With our prototyping lab, we achieve quick turn-around times while developing electronic hardware and enclosures. The ability to compare numerous samples is invaluable and speeds-up the design and testing process. We have the tools and expertise to develop and build samples in-house, including CNC routers, a CO2 laser cutter, a 3D printer and a dedicated prototype SMT line. We also have a fully equipped electronics lab.

PCB Design

We have extensive experience when it comes to electronics design. From wearables and stand-alone systems to internet-connected sensor networks and industrial process control. We have designed with various types and substrates, flex, semi-rigid, RF, high-speed, impedance controlled, multi-layer etc. With the design for manufacturing in mind, we focus on industrialization and robustness to perform as expected in the challenging real world out there.


Buzzwords. Internet of Things IoT. Industry 4.0. Cognitive computing. Cloud. Smart everything. One thing electronic devices have in common is firmware, but it is also the quality of the firmware that set them apart. Whether your design requires optimization of every last clock cycle or memory space with hand written assembly, embedded RTOS, custom Linux kernel or an HMI GUI, you can count on our expertise for success and reliability.

Enclosures and Housings

Form, fit and function. Your end product needs to operate as expected, be housed in a safe environment and possibly look good too. With 3D CAD drawings and renderings of both the PCB and enclosure, we ensure a good fit while functioning optimally. We can customize enclosures with our CNC equipment, typically plastic or aluminum. Alternatively, we can assist with our extensive network of trusted suppliers for injection molding enclosures, custom membrane keypads, and LCDs.


Our in-house assembly team is geared for small to medium volume production. With SMT and conventional assembly by hand. We can also assist with component procurement, logistics and packaging for delivery.


All boards manufactured are tested and programmed with bed-of-nails test fixtures. Results are logged to a database for individual PCB build history and record keeping. If required, final test automated test fixtures are employed to ensure each product is 100% functional and ready for packaging.


All designs are done with industry best practice guidelines. Agency approvals are recommended and mandatory for export. We have many years experience getting products approved for markets all over the world, CE, ICASA, FCC, RoHS, Safety, TUV to name a few.


Life happens. Products get damaged. New features added in firmware. If you are selling a product, you will have to be ready to support your customers. Let us help you deliver excellent service. We are able to host your firmware upgrades. Refurbish old devices to give them new life. Or, repair faulty or damaged boards.