Design Review

Bring your idea, concept or design and we will give you an in-depth review. We will provide an expert opinion on the feasibility of your concept or design. An NDA will keep your IP safe.

Proof of concept

We can develop a proof-of-concept to assist with critical decisions early in the design process. With the aim to fast-track your idea into reality which will provide you with a tangible object assisting in securing investment, funding and market research.


Prototypes are designed for manufacture with a big emphasis on robustness. This is a critically important step in optimizing the design and to iron out possible issues. We aim for quick turn-around times and focus on getting the product out into the market.


An initial small production run is advised to provide valuable feedback during field-testing. Firmware will also be finalized during this stage. Usually between 10 and 100 units are built. We can also assist with type approvals and certifications.


Whether you are building high or low volumes, we have got you covered. We can assist with procurement, inventory management, assembly, testing and packaging.